The Vanguard A very unique pendant. It instantly examines the energetic bio-field of the wearer! The Vanguard pendant immediately observes the cellular energetic integrity / quality of each of your cells. On a quantum energetic level the vanguard pendant establishes communication with your own “unique energetic bio field.” This constant bio feedback loop (communication) happens between the vanguard pendant and specifically each cell in your being. Each cell in your being, naturally has a unique electrical signal / electrical vibration & electrical energy, while the cell is in a 100% perfectly healthy state. When the electrical energy or electrical integrity of your cells becomes weakened or distorted then rapid cellular aging, cellular decay, & inner cellular disharmony / distortion becomes rampant! This affects your entire being…on every single level of your life! The Vanguard cellular Energy Protector is like wearing a rain coat for your cells! It helps protect the cellular energetic integrity of your whole quantum energetic cellular system! Giving your whole being a whole new level of energy and resources to take yourself to the next level of inspired wellness and balanced energetic integrity!
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