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Matrix Energetics - Transformational Alignment The patterns and beliefs that we carry in our field of awarness and on an unconscious level are an intrinsic aspect of how we function in everyday life. These beliefs and patterns are an intricate compilation of light and information that can be redistributed, redirected and shifted to create profound transformation in ones life. Our world and all that we experience is a direct reflection of that which we perceive. When we shift those patterns of information that we have broadcating signals out to the universe, we experience a change in our reality. The concept is simple. Change the resonant patterns in our feild, change our reality. By changing our core beliefs and patterns we can mould our reality to one that allows us to experience a more joyful and more meaningful life.  Through clairvoyant, clairaudient & clairscentient awareness, Matrix Energetics, multidimensional integrative light and information, and a team of Arcturian & Celestial Beings, I interact with you and your intricate matrix of patterns and information to affect change and to assist you in transforming that which no longer serves you. This shift in patterns is a non-invasive experience that supports your growth and evolution emphasizing awareness.  I assist you in remembering that you are the creator of your reality and that you can transform your reality through conscious awareness and focused intention. This partnership allows for maximum and profound transformation and alignment to your greatest potential. These experiences are unique to each individual and are transformational on all levels of ones being. This simple yet impactful experience produces lasting transformation in all areas of your life. Take the next step! Re-align with your greatness! Transform your reality into your greatest desires!  A Initial Transformational Shift session is $120.  A follow up session if boooked within 30 days is $90.00. A pre-paid and booked package of 3 sessions is $275.00. Book Your Session Now and explore the possibilities!