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Activational and Transformational Tools and Products

EMF Products - EMF patches for home and office. Neutralize harmful electromagnetic frequencies that are

constantly being transmitted from your cell phone, house phones, computers, TV sets, stereo equipment and other

appliances in your home and work environment. Simple small and powerful!

Gammatron Key - the key to THE ORIGINAL BLUEPRINT OF SELF! A Mind, Body & Soul Alignment at the

cellular level. A cosmic battery for your soul!

Pendants & Bracelets - Break-through products designed to enhance and enrich your state of well-being.

Through a process called "Quantum Nano Technology." This line of pendants allows you to tap directly into the

"Quantum Nano Potential of the Universe." Amplifying your life force for greater awareness and well-being.

Plates and Manifestation Boards - manifestation plate takes energetic creation to a whole new level. Working with multidimensional planes of existence, the manifestation plate assists in transforming one’s reality. This product has infinite possibilities. Create a new reality today! Quantum Vehicle Magnets - A revolutionary new technology that uses exclusive “Quantum Nano Technology” directly infused into special magnets that completely and instantly enhance and super charge the way your vehicle operates and drives

Wellness Products - Restore balance and focus, increase your energy levels, increased vitality and clarity.

Positive Harmony Wellness Patches, Quantum Pure Life Water Patches, Super Fruits, Veggies, Nuts, Beans and

Grains, Water Energizer Vials, and Introducing Quantum Pet Patches.