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Mediumship Having developed a conscious awareness of alternate plans of existence and the presence of the non-physical realm during the varied courses of study that I have taken, I developed the ability to connect with and share information from Spirits that have passed on or crossed over to the non physical realm. This proved to be rather interesting and so I connected with a few of my personal loved ones who had passed on to assist me in moving through some personal issues. As my abilities developed I became very aware of spirits of loved ones of clients who had come for Transformations Shift sessions, These crossed over loved ones had messages and information that they wanted me to pass on during the session that more than not proved to be a very transformation point for the client.  Because of this experience happening quite often became even more cognisant of this particular type of connection and am now choosing to offer a connection as a stand alone experience. If you have some unresolved issues with a loved one that has passed on, I would be happy to connect with them for you and share any information that may come available. It is important to understand that the spirits that once embodied a physical form are no longer carrying the patterns and personality that were once familiar to you. These spirits are also on their own journey of expansion. They are free from the constraints of a physical body and the density that comes with it and so they may come through with information that may carry more awareness and wisdom than you may recall from your interactions with them. Please feel free to contact me for further information or if you have any questions. A fee of $25.00 per 15 minutes or portion there of will be offered to make contact and deliver information that is offered. Book your session Now and expand your awareness!