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The Inner Magical Master The next level of evolution for the human soul. This deeply mystical & immensely powerful pendant represents the energy of “true inner seeker soul,” who have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of inner self mastery and 100% unconditional loving truth! For if one is looking for anything other than 100% truth then one is simply looking for untruth. Thus this pendant will open up hidden doors to deep levels of loving magical truths within the deepest part of your soul. If total inner self mastery is your dream, it is your truth…it is your way…of expressing your infinite brilliant divine magical loving self! This pendant can unlock the truest and deepest of all manifestation abilities within yourself for the more you wear this pendant the more you will realize that all of reality is not happening to you ~ instead it is emerging from you and coming directly from you! This is what true inner mastery is all about ~ Coming to the Realization ~ That You ~ Are The Inner Magical Master! ~ May The Blessings Be! A Human Being as well as being a biological physical being, is composed of many subtle intricate energy grids that transform, regulate and provide the essential life force energy needed for your own personal existence itself.
The Inner Magical Master
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