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Healing Touch Massage The body was designed and has an innate ability to heal itself. Through healing touch we can offer our bodies the best gift possible: Health and alignment. Our physical body responds to touch as well as energy to assist it in its healing process.   Healing touch massage provides a variety of techniques including deep tissue combined with healing earth energy to provide a non- invasive physical and energetic massage that allows the body to heal at a cellular level. This in turn allows blocked energy to be released and re-activates one's life force and rejuvenates the body.   With conscious awareness and focus, the client and practitioner work together to release blocks to allow the life force, chi or prana to move freely through every cell of the body allowing healing to take effect.   Pain in the body is a result of blocked energy. When the body is reminded at the cellular level of it's natural healing abilities, the healing process can take effect allowing one to lead a more joy filled and healthy lifestyle.   Session Fee: 60 minutes: $80.00, 90 minutes: $95.00 - better value! A pre-paid and booked package of 3 - 80 minute sessions $195.00 A pre-paid and booked package of 3 - 90 minute sessions - $250.00 Book your session Now and expand your awareness!