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The Gammatron Key - G Key.


Mind, Body & Soul Alignment at the cellular level. A

cosmic battery for your soul!

The Key activates your PARASYMPATHETIC

NERVOUS system instantly . The idea of the G- KEY is

to align your three bodies to their original Soul

blueprint . It is Functional Frequencial Art to align your

body on all levels. This pendant/pendulum is unlike

any in the world for its unique use and frequency

alignment. It is based on channeled material and

precise ancient Sacred geometry.

Worn in the area of your heart (Heart chakra) you heart

immediately responds to it . The G- Key stabilizes your

Merkaba field in and around your Heart center. The

KEY is like a unique High End Transformational tool.

The G Key unifies the field by bringing the feminine and the masculine aspects energetically together thus creating the energetic

balance within the vessel.

This creates power or what we call magic to anchor higher dimensional energies into a 3 dimensional object which acts as a direct

tangible tool anchoring in your highest aspect of the true self .

The G Key is based on Singular Technology it is beyond any calendar system based on an old paradigm. A dualistic principle does

not apply here . The channeling suggests that it activates the point of all union: your pineal gland . It was also suggested that it

calibrates the correct spin of the ATOM SEED.

The G-Key corresponds exactly to your level of spiritual maturity and of what you are able to receive and integrate. The Key

ultimately anchors you and links you to your higher dimensional aspect, ideas and inspiration. Intracellular communication is

enhanced. Telomere activity is enhanced thus enabling the body to get into self diagnostic repair mode which is vital .

"The power is with the people and the peoples experience not the so called expert that speaks for them . With an open mind and

heart you are free to excise your divine will to feel your world . The power is you no one else . Free your mind. "

For more details about the G-Key see below.

MORE ABOUT THE GAMMATRON KEY: an in-depth explanation. GAMMA : (Physics / Atomic Physics) involving or relating to photons of

very high energy. TRON : As in elec tron ic : a circuit or a network based on communication with its own laws.When we look at biological

substances as life forms we have to begin with the human DNA or DNA in general . DNA emits and receives photons (mass-less particles)

which are electromagnetic waves in a narrow bandwidth of visible light, these emissions are called bio-photons . These emissions have a

high degree of coherence. In Molecular Biology these bio-photons are described as “cellular language or transmission” this would be a subtle

bio-communication between cells. Studies through out the world in different labs under a multitude of conditions have shown that these waves

or patterns of communication have influence on water, oil, fuel, plastic, basically anything liquid or gas is most susceptible to this coherent

field of information . Thus creating symmetric organizations among molecules on the subatomic level. It is also know that under high levels of

BIO-PHOTONIC bursts the symmetries come out more harmonized and structured.

When the cells communicate better your body is able to defend and repair itself much more efficiently than you are used to. Specifically Bio-

PHOTONS can be stored in crystals used as emitters or generators. The main ingredient that is used in the GAMMATRON KEY is

nanospherical Quartz sand (Slicaoxide). Basically the same as clear crystal quartz sand . It has the best pick up or reception/storage for

Photons. The resonance of quartz and/or quartz crystal is identical to the human cell. When projecting -ions and photons into a crystal you’ll

amplify the light isotopes within the the silica based structure of the sand. The charge holds 15,000 years of linear time. So the G Key

(Gammatron Key) needs no cleansing or recharging.

Science has proven that the DNA actually is going into repair mode when it is at a Photonic level of 10 to the 13th potency .The Sand itself is

charged even higher at 10 to the 23 rd (potency) of amplified sunlight. One informational interval has roughly 100,000 light impulses going

through the DNA/ RNA which is the ram in terms of your intracellular communication (Lightbody) . This is for the Light body, the Electric body

and the Magnetic body . This means that there are 3 layers of chakras: 7 chakras on the Lightbody, 7 Chakras on the Electric and body, and 7

Chakras on the Magnetic body. This makes 21 chakras plus chakra #22 which is the root over-soul chakra observed from the 6th plane.

The Gammatron works on the following levels: Activation of unused Light consciousness , original spiritual light code integration, fusion of

essential Light particles, Wakeful conscious accelerating aware evolution, 360 degrees of biophotonic reception , increased telomere growth,

multidimensional access point for higher input , Metatronic program correction, Ether electric and Magnetic axis alignment, 7 ether chakratic

protocols – 7 electric chakratic protocol - 7 magnetic chakratic protocol activation/fusing and syncing , 1 Godhood chakra activation (22 is the

root observer from the 6 density) Oversouls observer refinement , The reservoir of the atomic nucleus of the soul seed, Zero-Fielding as in

resetting the essential bodies, Galactic Human citizenship awareness, Inter-dimensional contact awareness, Atom seed spin correction. 22 D

Key transmissions translating into the living god body,  intra cellular communication, 12 D protective grid integration, 9D Christ template

installment , Biochemical Genetic activation, Biophotonic Protein synthesis modulation. Channeling divine light codes within a neutral zone

surrounded by a higher electromagnetic wavelength allowing the undisturbed download of higher dimensional soul parts into a less dense

vessel thus allowing galactic human upgrades to integrate in the purest source code light form possible.

DNA-RNA adjustment to accommodate a higher interval of light code transmissions, Assistance in the direct infusion of the oversoul into

Physical form , Activating your ET DNA and dormant memory banks of selves, Enhanced Biophotonic Biological mechanisms communication,

Biophotonic/ionic mechanisms of protein synthesis assistance, Photonic nature of genetics modulation.  Pg. 2

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