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GALACTIC DNA CIRCLE OF CREATION THIS PENDANT HOLDS ADVANCED GEOMETRICAL PATTERNS AND ARCHITECTURE. THESE SYMBOLS HOLD AND EMIT GENETIC DNA ENCODINGS THAT COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR CELLULAR PROGRAMMING, WORKING ON A SUPER SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL BEYOND THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. THIS PENDANT HELPS STIMULATE DIS-IDENTIFICATION OF THE EGO WITHIN THE WEARER. AS WELL AS HELPING TO ENERGETICALLY STIMULATE THE PITUITARY AND PINEAL GLANDS TO ENHANCE INTUITION AND CONNECT TO DEEP GALACTIC INNER WISDOM. THE EFFECTS OF THIS PENDANT ARE WORKING ON EXTREMELY SUBTLE LEVELS, THAT YOU MAY NOT EVEN NOTICE AT FIRST. I MYSELF AM EXTREMELY SENSITIVE TO VERY SUBTLE LEVELS AND ENERGY SHIFTS, AND COULD NOT NOTICE ANYTHING HAPPENING UNTIL ABOUT 4 DAYS LATER WHEN I NOTICED THE WAY I WAS THINKING ABOUT MYSELF AND THINGS AROUND ME WAS CHANGING. THIS PENDANT AFFECTS YOUR THOUGHT FORMS. EVERYONE WILL BE ASKING YOU ABOUT THIS PENDANT WHEN THEY SEE YOU WEARING IT...PREPARE FOR IT TO BE A TOPIC OF INTEREST. A Human Being as well as being a biological physical being is composed of many subtle intricate energy grids that transform, regulate and provide the essential life force energy needed for your own personal existence itself. Below is a Compilation of the Energetic Energy Grids that this pendant stimulates. This is strictly on a subtle energetic level within your Energy Body’s, “Energy Grid Meridian System” (Not the Physical Body) Bio-Feedback Results may vary depending upon your unique bio-rhythm and individual energy meridian grid configuration. - Support for emotional sexual insecurity. - Support for urinary function - Helps Stimulate dis-identification of the ego within the wearer. - Helps balance the emotional concern of the inability to see problems - Support for Strong action on eyes and on contraction symptoms. - Tooth and Gum Support - Helps Stimulate pituitary and pineal to enhances eyesight and intuition - Support for Gabase - Enzyme for regulation of Gaba, regulate electrical brain function - Support of Brain hormone for pain and emotional regulation - Promotes Intuition and Catalytic Breakthrough. - Helps Balance cellular Krebs cycle - Energetic Support for acidosis - Helps Deal with chronic Sadness, Melancholy and Gloom. - Helps Balance Endocrine System - Helps Balance Empathy - Helps assimilate vitamin D - Support for For prostate support, amino acid & herbal dietary support. - Support for (parasympathetic neural system) dysfunction. Enzyme. - Helps enhance smell intensity - Support for female issues, hemorrhage, kidney stones, leucorrhoea with itching. - Support for All HYPOTHALAMIC HORMONES. Support for Anti fungal - Support for ANTI DIURETIC HORMONE | Pituitary hormone for water and mineral regulation. - Helps Balance Growth of lymphoid epitheloid cells from bacteria or trauma. - Support for Astringes lung qi to stop cough, binds up bowel, colon, intestines (diarrhea). - Emulates Locoweed, affects animals like opium affects humans. - Emulates Pumpkin Seed Oil/ with Omega6 and Omega9 essential fatty acids. - Support for mood disorder and inability to control serotonin. - Helps Supply skin and mucous membrane of cheek. 2 layer - $83.99 or 3 layer - $113.99. Pendant comes with Free 20 inch or 24 inch Sterling Silver Chain.
Galactic DNA Circle of Creation
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