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EMF Products - EMF patches for home and office. Neutralize harmful electromagnetic frequencies that are constantly being transmitted from your cell phone, house phones, computers, TV sets, stereo equipment and other appliances in your home and work environment. Simple small and powerful!

By watching television, using your cellular phone, playing video games, on your computer or

laptop and other electronics, your brain waves are modified by these frequencies changing

your normal brain wave functions and patterns. View the Lab Results of the Effectiveness of

the Brain Wave Protector,

Works On: Cellular phones, cordless home phones, microwaves, televisions especially HD sets, refrigerator, hair dryer, computers and monitors, laptop, video game systems, blue tooth and all wireless devices
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The Home Energy Harmonizer - designed to provide protection from the negative information and energy waves coming from satellites, cell phone towers, radio towers and the electrical wiring coming through the walls of your home that affect you and your family’s well being.
We are all living in a world where we are exposed to 5 million times more electromagnetic pollution that our grand parents all of this in a span of just 60 short years! Even within our most sacred place, our home, we cannot hide or be immune from the effects of this microwave, radio wave, magnetic wave, electric wave, and gamma wave pollution. All of these different energy waves have a direct and measurable effect upon the human bodies biological system, affecting everything from the way your body functions, to what you think and the way you operate your daily life. How does it work? Instructions: Place the Home Energy Harmonizer on the fuse breaker box for your home.The Home Energy Harmonizer will immediately start sending specially designed harmonious energy waves that will piggy back on the out going frequencies of the electrical system of your home, helping provide positive protection from incoming negative waves that enter your home. The Home Energy Harmonizer does not ‘block’ or ‘stop’ electromagnetic or microwave energies directly, rather it harmonizes the negative energy waves found within these energy fields
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